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Video Poker Tips

If you are a big fan of video poker, you´ll probably want to go into a bit more detail than this, but for a quick strategy guide, read on:

Learn the strategy for the video poker variant you are playing and stick to that strategy -- if you try and play Jacks or Better with a Deuces Wild strategy, you´ll come a cropper. Many of the casinos online will sugeest an optimal strategy for you, but it´s as well to be the expert and maximise your odds yourself.

Bet the max on progressive games. If the progressive drops in, you want to be in a position to collect.

If you are playing on a tight budget, use a small coin size. That way you can bet to the max. 

Take your time! There´s no rush, especially if you are playing online. Make sure you discard and keep the right cards. Use a cheat sheet if necessary. Again, there´s none looking over your shoulder online!

If you have a jack or above, never throw all 5 cards away. Keep the royal cards!

Your luck will ebb and flow, so make sure you have enough in your bankroll to cover any downturns.

Break your play up into smaller sessions- its more fun that way, and you won´t make silly decisions. Get up and have a walk about, go outside, have a coffee etc.

And as always, play sensibly. Only bet what you can affors to lose, and keep a strict budget, stop loss and profit target. Know when you´ll stop before you start playing if you hit either your profit target or fall back to your stop loss.

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